Our services

From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help you thrive in agriculture.


Viable Tanzania we pioneer transformative opportunities through our contract farming service, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between farmers and businesses. By facilitating these agreements, Viable Tanzania we ensures consistent markets for agricultural produce while offering farmers access to essential resources, technical expertise, and fair pricing structures. This approach not only strengthens the agricultural sector but also empowers local communities, promoting sustainable growth and economic stability across Tanzania's farming landscape.


Viable Tanzania workshop training initiatives stand as pillars of empowerment within the agricultural realm, equipping farmers with invaluable knowledge and skills. These hands-on programs cover diverse areas such as modern farming techniques, sustainable practices, and efficient resource management. By nurturing expertise through these workshops, Viable Tanzania fosters a community of skilled farmers capable of driving innovation, increasing yields, and ensuring the sustainable growth of Tanzania's agricultural sector.


We offer a unique agritourism experience that connects visitors to the heart of Tanzania's agricultural heritage. Through immersive tours and engaging activities, guests witness firsthand the beauty of rural farming life, participate in local traditions, and learn about sustainable farming practices. This initiative not only promotes cultural exchange but also supports local communities by creating opportunities for income diversification and showcasing the rich tapestry of Tanzania's


Here at Viable Tanzania we ensure a reliable and consistent supply of premium agricultural produce, delivering quality products to both local and international markets. Our commitment to excellence spans from cultivation to distribution, guaranteeing fresh and sustainably sourced goods. Through efficient supply chain management and adherence to stringent quality standards, Viable Tanzania remains a trusted provider, contributing to the availability of high-quality produce while supporting the growth of Tanzania's agricultural economy.