Welcome to Viable Seedling Enterprise! Your journey towards cultivating thriving landscapes begins here. We're excited to embark on this green adventure together, nurturing growth from the very roots of our partnership.

Viable Seedlings is a pioneering enterprise specializing in the sale of premium fruit, herbs, and spice seedlings, including varieties like rosemary, mint, lemon verbena, sage, and avocado. Utilizing unique grafting techniques, our seedlings ensure robust growth and high yields. Beyond sales, we offer educational services on spice and herb cultivation and grafting techniques. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our seamless sales process and secure packaging, making us a reliable partner for both home gardeners and commercial cultivators.

”Head Co-founder, with a solid foundation of 4 years of experience in both agriculture and sales and marketing, Faraji specializes in educating smallholder farmers. His focus lies in showcasing the significance of herbs and spices, contributing to the agricultural landscape by imparting valuable knowledge.”

- Faraji Mruma

”Co-founder, and Assistant Manager. Fatuma plays a pivotal role in supervising the day-to-day operations of the seedling enterprise, ensuring seamless functionality and efficiency. Together, Faraji and Fatuma bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to Viable Seedlings, combining agricultural insight with managerial acumen to drive the success of the enterprise.”

- Fatuma Kadungu

Meet The Team


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