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Viable Tanzania offers a diverse range of agricultural services tailored to support local communities and foster sustainable practices. From contract farming initiatives that empower farmers through partnerships to workshop training aimed at enhancing agricultural skills and knowledge, Viable Tanzania remains committed to nurturing growth within the farming sector. Additionally, our agritourism endeavors not only showcase Tanzania's rich agricultural heritage but also promote cultural exchange and economic development. Moreover, through the reliable supply of quality produce, Viable Tanzania we ensure a consistent provision of fresh and premium agricultural products, contributing to both local and international markets.

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Tanzania Vijana Agribusiness Enterprises is a dynamic, youth-led startup focused on agribusiness, encompassing primary production, value addition, and the supply of high-quality fruit and herb seedlings. As the inaugural agribusiness company incubated at the World Vegetable Center, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and sustainable agricultural practices. Our operations are organized into three distinct enterprises: Viable Farms, Viable Seedlings, and Viable Products, each contributing to our mission of fostering a thriving agribusiness ecosystem.

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